Training Philosophy

My coaching philosophy has been developed not just via the classroom, but through my many years of competitive running under such internationally recognized coaches as former American mile record holder Steve Scott, Olympic 800-meter gold medalist Joaquim Cruz, and San Diego Track Club mentor and sub-4:00 miler Paul Greer. The key to my approach is to treat each client as an athlete, regardless of their ability. Accordingly, I incorporate core exercises, warm up and cool down drills, intervals, tempo runs, gym work, and circuit training with plyometrics into all of my client’s programs, but in line with their individual fitness level and goals.

So many people jump into a program without ever assessing their structural issues. Can they even handle the distance? We should be strengthening their weaknesses first, starting with form and function. Do your feet pronate or supinate? Are your hips out of line? We have to begin with structure and form before building out. Are your glutes and hips tight, because that may well manifest itself in knee pain, because the knee isn’t tracking correctly.

From being punctual to workouts to showing respect for the workout and the coach, what’s often missing in many training programs is something as simple as taking a serious approach to the process.

Training can be fun, but it requires a more dedicated, focused approach rather than a one-size-fits-all method.