Personal Training

I treat all my clients like athletes, regardless of their ability. Accordingly, I incorporate core exercises, warm up and cool down drills, intervals, tempo runs, gym work, and circuit training with plyometrics into each of my programs, all in line with the individual athlete’s fitness level and goals.

I mix a strong foundational approach with long-range goal setting, and individual assessment of each athlete’s needs, goals, and time commitment. For beginning athletes who have little background in training, we begin with heart-rate-based training, using a max-heart rate field test and resting heart rate calculations. I understand most people have full-time jobs, families, or school commitments. So determining how much energy an individual has in a given day, week, or month is critical to maximizing the time you have available for training. Heart rate based training is an essential tool in this process.

For instance, when some program says ‘do your 5k pace’, what does that mean to a person who hasn’t run a 5K in the last two years? More importantly, if today is supposed to be a speed day, and your heart rate shoots up to 174 when you begin, that tells you you are a little fatigued and your effort needs to be adjusted to maintain the same heart rate. By understanding your heart rate zones, you are still getting the speed effort necessary, but at the same time you are staying within the proper HR zone. Over time as an athlete learns to “feel the effort”, at which time training switches to pace-based workouts where athletes begin to take ownership of their training.

Another key component of my program is injury prevention. Therefore, all my athletes are required to buy The Grid© foam-roller and are given a thorough lesson on how to use it. Many recreational runners do not have the time or money for weekly massage sessions. The foam roller is the next best thing – daily, before and after every run!

I have coached several area runners to PRs in every distance, and am ready to help you plan, organize, and prioritize your running program as well. I will evaluate and assess your strengths and, more importantly, your muscular imbalances. Then, I will work with you to craft a personalized program to fit your specific goals.

Program Members receive individualized

  • Web-based Workout Log to track and assess progress,
  • Heart Rate testing/assessment,
  • Assessment of form with exercises to address specific needs,
  • Assessment and solutions for nutritional balance,
  • Assessment on proper strength, core and stretching technique,
  • Instruction on proper warm-up, cool down technique and recovery methods,